The Creator

The story didn’t just write itself.

Cherry Gunzenhauser

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Salut <3

I am the proud creator of this series. I write, illustrate and publish everything.

I am 23, South African and I have a freaky and over-active imagination. My artist tool-kit: my brain, coffee, itunes, Wacom Cintiq and Manga Studio <3

The Legend of Dollaretta started out as a digital comic on Comixology. Each chapter consisting of 35 pages. Be warned! There are about 150 Chapters (136 still to come 0_o)

Want more? Go listen to my podcast @Nexus with @releasethegeek.

et Salut<3

Dollaretta IRL

In 2018 The Legend of Dollaretta made its way to Comic Con Africa in Johannesburg, South Africa. It was an amazing experience where the first printed editions of volume 1 and 2 were signed (by me) and sold (to really cool people!)

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Buy a digital copy from the shop or order a hardcopy from amazon.