The Legend of Dollaretta – Volume 2


Includes chapters 6 -11

Demi knows that true danger is lurking the night, and the next attack is drawing near, but who can she tell? How can she prove it? Her unwilling visits to the dreamworld (known as the afterlife) reveal the victims, their murders and the culprit. In the real world, however, the deaths of the students are seen as accidental and unnecessarily tragic, and the culprit, Kassandra, rests in a coma. Except It’s only Kassandra’s body that rests. Her enigmatic soul is what haunts Demi’s nights and wreaks havoc on the convent.
Her parents think she’s unstable and Sister Ellen is waiting for the perfect opportunity to send her to therapy. Anyone who agrees with her about the haunting believes that they’re better off keeping quiet. With her history of psychological distress, she has to be careful who she shares her discoveries with, as it’s becoming clear that Dollaretta may not be the lurking monster that the legends portray.
It’s evident that the true threat is the magic of the afterlife, known in mythology as ‘Latrodecia’s black magic.’ A kind of magic that poisons the natural world, which includes all of humanity; their hearts, minds and souls.